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'MERICA 20oz sleeve

They are here! They are here! and they are GORGEOUS!!

Made for 20oz container ie yeti, tervis, artic, ozark etc.
Loaded Tea, Shakes, Med to Large to go cups, Large shakers and water bottle... the possibilities are endless!
Insulated neoprene reduces cup sweat & keeps your beverages hot or cold.
Also adds a collapsible handle for more control of your cup. (Slide hand through handle)
Easy to change the look of your cup and light weight and can fit about anywhere. So you can always have one handy.
If you are looking for insulated cup covers for Nutrition Club Loaded Teas, be sure to try both 20 & 30 ounce cover, depending on your brand of cup.

We also carry:
16 OZ Covers 
30 OZ Covers 
Our covers fit  many cups & bottles! 16-40 ounces
Insulated Keeps beverages Hot or Cold and no more sweating cups!
Our 30 oz covers fit 30oz cups like Yeti AND... they fit a large Starbucks or Dunkin Ice Coffee!

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